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Environmental Management


Water consumption is a major concern for aquatic centers and reflects one of the major departmental expenses incurred by council. Lane 4 implements techniques within the facility operations such as: Recycling of Backwash water, Rainwater Harvesting, Education initiatives in conjunction with stakeholders, Decreasing the grassed areas within the facility replacing them with native garden on a drip irrigation system, Improving Backwash procedures, Strategic implementation of sprinkler systems using timers and water saving connections.


 The consumption of electricity at aquatic facilities is increasing due to longer hours of operation to cater for a wider target market. By implementing or replacing existing lighting/bulbs with LED technology could result in an annual electrical consumption saving in the vicinity of 245,120 kWh across the Lane 4 group. Further savings could be achieved with the implementation of load cycling, a trait unique to the Lane 4 group whereby main drive pumps are varied and alternated according to the ambient temperatures and expected bather loads for any given period.


Closed Loop Recycling or in-house recycling will see the recycling rate surpass the landfill rate with our objective set for 62.0% / 38.0% (recycled waste versus landfill waste). This goal (62% / 38% ration) is ambitious but also realistic and is our target by 2013.

Ongoing system develop allows Lane 4 to continually implement improved business systems which reduce the day to day impact on the environment from our business operations. All new initiatives are advertised on our website and social media networks to show our customers we are committed to the environment.