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Local Government Aquatic Centre Management

Lane 4 go to extraordinary lengths to ensure each local government aquatic centre is managed effectively and appropriately for the centres local environment, that is, we interact with our community, we find out what they need and want and we try to design and implement programs and services that suit their specific needs, we are however a business, and as a business we must also seek to deliver these goods and services to the community on budget.

Our combined experience allows us to do what other organisations cannot, deliver a greater choice of programs, goods and services without compromising the quality of those goods and services.  In fact our level of customer service is second to none when compared to industry standards and this equates to a higher level of satisfaction amongst user groups and stakeholders.

We have a demonstrated previous record of extraordinary performance and experience with similar contracts and roles in addition to a proven ability to communicate effectively with clubs, organisations, user groups and the general public that utilise each centre.

Lane 4 currently works closely with the following local government entities in Queensland to maximise the potential of their aquatic facilities: Isaac Regional Council, Mount Isa City Council, Rockhampton Regional Council, Whitsunday Regional Council, North Burnett Regional Council.