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Lambton Pool

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Lane 4 Aquatics
17 August 2017
We are currently closed.
The pool is CLOSED
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Lane 4 Aquatics

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Lambton Pool will re - open Monday 21st August 2017 


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Our Facility is Closed

The facility will be closed for the winter period, reopening on the 21st August 2017! Thank you for your patronage over the past summer and look forward to a bigger and better summer in 2017/2018!

Butterfly can get easier!
Butterfly can get easier!
For any average lap swimmer butterfly may be one of the more difficult strokes that you attempt; trying to get the arms over while still kicking and fitting in a breath at some stage before your lungs explode.
Date: 19 February 2015
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Learn to Swim kicks off with a splash!
Learn to Swim kicks off with a splash!
On the 5th of November Lambton's Learn to Swim began. We had seahorses, turtles, seals, dolphins and sharks enter the water. Some children were nervous and others loved it. No matter how whey were feeling our great Learn to Swim Instructors had it covered. The children kicked, splashed, blew their bubbles, learnt to do yo-yo breathing, practiced rockets, practiced floating, practiced the basics of freestyle and many more valuable water skills. It was safe to say that our first lessons were a great success. Seahorses are our beginner level. This level is an introduction to swimming. In this level we focus on body position and confidence in the water. Skills include the development of water confidence, freestyle kicking, rockets with bubbles etc. Turtles is the next level. This is a progression from the seahorse level and this works towards a beginner level freestyle which emphasises body position as well as arm/leg/breathing combinations. Skills learnt in this level include single arm rockets and one arm breathing. When confident at this level the turtles progress to the seals level. At this level we strengthen the freestyle skills and change focus to improving backstroke skills. From here the participants progress to a dolphin level where they are taught high elbow freestyle and breastroke and butterfly kicks are now introduced. Backstroke is touched on and at this level the timing becomes the focus. When self reliant at this level the participants then progress to the shark level. This level focuses on breastroke. Skills in this level include dives, streamline kicks, breastroke and butterfly finishes and many more.
Date: 3 December 2014
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What is the Bronze Medallion you may ask? The Royal Life Saving Bronze Medallion is recognised as the minimum standard for a qualified lifesaver. This award also increases employment opportunities with many pools and aquatic centres as they require employees who conduct aquatic programs to have their Bronze Medallion.
Date: 28 November 2014
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