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Learn to Swim kicks off with a splash!

Date: 3 December 2014

Learning to swim is a vital life skill especially in a country like Australia. We are surrounded by water, many family homes have pools, our beaches are beautiful and a perfect place to swim and relax and every home has water surfaces that could lead to drowning if your child doesn't know how to swim. This should be enough reason to get your children in the water with one of our learn to swim classes. 

Learn to swim at Lambton kicked off on the 5th of November. We had seahorses, turtles, seals, dolphins and sharks enter the water. Some children were eager while others were slightly hesitant to enter. No matter how the children felt our instructors had it covered.

Our learn to swim has 5 structured levels. These levels cater for all ages, skill levels, different levels of confidence and capabilities.
The seahorse level is our introductory level. Emphasis in this level is on body position and confidence in the water. Our next four levels are progressive stages.
The turtle stage is a progression towards elementary freestyle and backstroke body position. From here the seals try to master their freestyle and move on to improving the backstroke skills. Once they are competent with the skils and drills at the seal level they progess to being a dolphin.
In this level high elbow freestyle is introduced as well as both breastroke and butterfly kicks. All skills in this level are performed in a high volume. Once confident in the dolphin level and the instructor thinks it's suitable they will be moved up and into the sharks level.
In shark level breastroke is further developed through distance and volume. At this stage diving is also intorduced. 

Summer time is here and the days are getting much hotter. Bring your child to learn to swim at Lambton. A vital life skill that shouldn't be ignored. for more information contact us at 49 52 55 22 or send email enquiries to

Caption One of out turtles practicing kicking.
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