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Maintenance works will be carried out from 3 July through to 31 August 2017.
27 June 2017
Works will include: Service of wet play area plant and equipment, Service of plant and equipment and general pool maintenance including tile replacement, review of expansion joints, completion of dye testing.
2018 QLD State Masters Short Course Championships to be held Rockhampton.
21 June 2017
If you are 18 to 90+ years old, then you can join Masters Swimming anywhere in Queensland or Australia. 2018 QLD State Masters Short Course Championships 14th March - 17th March 2018.
Welcome U/16 Stockton Sharks to the pool
25 February 2015
Lane 4 Stockton welcomes our first local team, the Stockton Sharks u/16ís to our pool for their weekly water session this pre-season. Stockton Sharks are a Junior Rugby League club based in Newcastle and their coach Laurie has been putting them through their paces with both dry and wet workouts at the Stockton Venue.
Butterfly can get easier!
19 February 2015
For any average lap swimmer butterfly may be one of the more difficult strokes that you attempt; trying to get the arms over while still kicking and fitting in a breath at some stage before your lungs explode.
Stockton's Lappers 1,844km & still going
13 February 2015
A group of 25 swimmers record the number of laps they swim at Stockton pool each day during the swimming season. As at the end of January they have swum between them a very credible 36,880 laps or a total of 1,844km. That would get us between Mackay and Townsville. Well done guys!
Name any sport that is more versatile
03 February 2015
Forget about the Tennis, Cricket or Superbowl. We rule here's why...
A safe haven for swimming in Stockton
03 February 2015
Now we may not have piranha at Lane 4 Stockton, but we definitely have our fair share of sharks just over the hill at the local beaches, and as this holiday period can attest too with massive beach closures due to sighting of serveral big great whites.
Stockton: Fantastic pool, place & people
26 January 2015
As a Lane 4 Lifeguard, I count myself fortunate as itís a great job, great company and I get to work with an awesome team rotating between, Lane 4 Venues at Lambton, Wallsend & Stockton. But secretly Stockton is my favourite. Why you ask? Well....
Learn to Swim with Lane 4 Aquatics
23 January 2015
Our learn to swim has 5 structured levels. These levels cater for all ages, skill levels, different levels of confidence and capabilities.
4 Life Learn to Swim assessment days
14 January 2015
4 Life Learn to Swim assessment days on Monday 19th and Tuesday 20th January 2015; at the newly developed 2nd World War Memorial Aquatic Centre, South Rockhampton.
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