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Rural QLD Swimmers get huge opportunity!

Date: 10 April 2012
Rural QLD Swimmers get huge opportunity!

From April 10-14, Brian and Bernadette (facility managers of Lane 4 Aquatics Mount Isa), held a clinic for swimmers from all over far west QLD.

Over the duration of the camp, each day focused on one particular stroke, covering all areas of the technique; kicks, starts, turns and drill progressions. Working in a 7:1 swimmer coach ratio, the athletes receive personalised quality feedback and attention. On the final day of the clinic, an underwater filming session recorded all 4 strokes, and personalised DVD’s were given to the swimmers as a take-home gift. These recordings will play a vital role in further stroke development, giving great insight for their coaches.   

Again, the event was great opportunity for all isolated QLD swimmers, and it’s a privilege for Lane 4 Aquatics Mount Isa to provide access to technology that very few swimming centres in Australia have.