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Snaphot: Shane Webcke's Wise Words!

Date: 13 February 2012
Shane Webcke's Wise-Words

Last weekend at the Lane 4 Aquatics Sport and Health Expo, we had the pleasure of catching up with rugby league legend, Shane Webcke. Here at Lane 4 Aquatics, we really push the importance of leading an active and healthy lifestyle, while having fun along the way. We spoke to Webcke briefly about this topic, asking the following questions. In turn, we gathered some great advice from his responses.

1. What are some simple steps that parents can take, to encourage their children to leave the couch and take interest in more energetic activities?

Webcke’s answer was straight-forward - simply, kids need leadership from their parents. If there is no encouragement and direction from adults, children will too often fall into the routine of lazing around the house. Getting outside and playing sports must be made a habit from an early age. If this kind of attitude is set in place, it can be very easily upheld.  Overall, if you are an active roll model and parent, your kids will see the fun side of leading a healthy, energetic life.

2. When you were growing-up, what sports did you take an interest in?

Of course, Webcke’s love for rugby league sprouted from an early age. He also took a keen interest in cricket, and generally enjoyed an active life outdoors. School sports are such a great opportunity for kids to form interests in different sporting areas, and also to discover the value of sportsmanship. Parents should encourage their children to take part in such school sports, as there are many lessons to be learnt.

3. What would you consider to be a balanced/healthy lifestyle?

Webcke fully believes in the importance of leading a balance lifestyle. He understands that we all live different lives, filled with work commitments and other personal interests. However, despite how busy our lives can get, it is vital to take part in some kind of physical activity every second day. This, combined with a sensible balanced diet, is the key to leading a healthy life.

4.  From personal experience, how has leading an active life benefited both yourself, and others around you?

Basically, Webcke believes that a healthy body is a healthy mind. Mental health is directly linked to physical activity, and in turn, this builds our personality and character. Exercise is like a tablet; take it each day, and the results will definitely leave a mark. It will benefit not only yourself, but others around you.

5. If you had one piece of advice to give kids out there, what would it be?

From the wise words of Shane Webcke - “buck the trend, and be the best you can be. Don’t be distracted by others, and always follow your gut instinct, as it often tells you the right thing!” So be bold, be active, but most importantly, always be yourself.