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BBQ Area Closed

Date: 19 October 2013

The Middlemount Swimming Pool's iconic BBQ has been closed due to a maintenance issue. Lane 4 Aquatics is working closely with the Isaac Regional Council to rectify the situation, howevever, it appears to be a bigger problem than first thought.

"It appears and irrigation leak is causing the problems with the BBQ area" Venue Manager Portia Truelson said. "The leak is progressibley getting worse which has caused the closure of the BBQ area" she said. "The Isaac Regional Council is aware of the ongoing issue and is working hard to fix the problem" she said. "The Middlemount Swimming Pool is an older pool, and as such is subject to a few problems" Lane 4 Managing Director Daniel Mulvey adds "We are confident the Isaac Regional Council will have this fixed soon which will allow the use of the BBQ's again" he said.

Lane 4 Aquatics is working towards an alternative option for BBQ's and once avaialble will place advertising via the Facebook page and website.




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