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Aqua Fit

Working out in the water offers a different aspect to fitness giving each individual participant a different result. The Lane 4 "Aqua Fit" Program has been designed to cater for a large range of fitness abilities and to serve as an alternative exercise for those individuals looking for a workout which is good for the body.

Traditional workouts are sometimes strenuous on the body and reduces the effectivenenss of the workout through a reduction in effort from the participant. The Lane 4 "Aqua Fit" program offers a low impact and high intensity workout for all fitness and abilities. The Lane 4 "Aqua Fit" Program is tailored to suit your own individual workout requirement as you are able to work your body to your own limit without affecting your participation in the class.

If you have been looking for a workout which has less stress on your body and allows you to still workout to a high intensity, the Lane 4 "Aqua Fit" program is for you, and best of all no matter how hot it is outside you will always be able to workout.

See a friendly receptions staff member at a Lane 4 managed facility near you, for more details.


To enrol or enquire about our Aqua Fit Time Program, contact your local Lane 4 Aquatics. Please note. Not all programs are available at all facilities.

Coffs Harbour - (02) 6652 1779,
Gladstone - (07) 4972 6822,
Lambton - (02) 4952 5522,
South Rockhampton - (07) 4922 1981,
Gracemere - (07) 4933 2662,
Middlemount - (07) 4985 7330,
Mount Morgan - (07) 4938 1500,
Proserpine - (07) 4945 5790,
Mayfield - (02) 4960 0066,
Mount Larcom - (07) 4975 1185,
Sawtell - (02) 6653 1950,
Stockton - (02) 4928 1589,
Wallsend - (02) 4955 8899,
Woolgoolga - (02) 6654 8291,