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Learn to Swim

Learn to Swim


The Swim Time Program is formulated around five progressive developmental based levels, each designed to produce happy, well co-ordinated and confident swimmers.

Our five levels develop swimming and water safety skills from the basics such as breathing and water confidence to fully co-ordinated freestyle, backstroke, and breastroke swimming.

Our Levels:
1. Seahorses  2. Turtles  3. Seals  4. Dolphins 5. Sharks


Essentially a level to improve independent water confidence, this is an important step towards developing early stage freestyle. 

The following skills are taught within the Seahorses level:

  • Blowing bubbles and side breathing
  • Freestyle kick
  • Body positioning
  • Swim and Survive Sequence

Duration: 30 minutes
Class size: 4 per class


A natural progression towards freestyle swimming with a great deal of emphasis placed on learning the holy grail of swimming – breathing.  Goggles are now required as the children spend lots of time learning and practicing breathing skills (goggles are necessary for Learn to Swim levels Turtles up to Sharks).

The following skills are taught within the Turtles level:

  • Bubble arm / breathing arm
  • Combining of kick and arms together
  • Segmented freestyle with and without a kick board
  • Floating on the back
  • Backstroke kicking
  • Swim and Survive Sequence

Duration:30 minutes
Class size: 4 per class


At the Seals level, swimmers can start to develop technically proficient freestyle and backstroke skills and learn to get a feel for the water.

Seals skills developed include:

  • Backstroke timing / pull and recovery techniques
  • Sculling drills
  • Increased workloads to help develop cardio vascular endurance
  • Swim and Survive Sequence

Duration:30 minutes
Class size: 5 per class


Within the Dolphins class, consolidation of the swimmers freestyle and backstroke, and new stroke kicking skills are the emphasis at this level.  Dolphin swimmers also start to learn some elementary squad skills in readiness for Piranhas, our transitional squad level.

Dolphin skills taught include:

  • Breastroke kick – developing sufficient ankle scull
  • Butterfly kick
  • Streamlining from the walls
  • Swim and Survive Sequence

Duration:30 minutes
Class size: 6 per class


A more technically advanced and refined level, Sharks concentrate predominantly on stroke technique and cardio vascular endurance. 

Sharks must also demonstrate their ability to maintain technique whilst swimming a minimum of:

100 metres freestyle
50 metres breastroke
50 metres backstroke

Additional skills developed within the Sharks level are:

  • Breastroke patterning – pull/breath/kick/glide
  • Breastroke base positioning
  • Refinement of freestyle and backstroke
  • Elementary dives and turns
  • Swim and Survive Sequence

Duration:30 minutes
Class size: 6 per class

To enrol or enquire about our Learn to Swim Time Program, contact your local Lane 4 Aquatics. Please note. Not all programs are available at all facilities.

Coffs Harbour - (02) 6652 1779,
Gladstone - (07) 4972 6822,
Lambton - (02) 4952 5522,
South Rockhampton - (07) 4922 1981,
Gracemere - (07) 4933 2662,
Middlemount - (07) 4985 7330,
Mount Morgan - (07) 4938 1500,
Proserpine - (07) 4945 5790,
Mayfield - (02) 4960 0066,
Mount Larcom - (07) 4975 1185,
Sawtell - (02) 6653 1950,
Stockton - (02) 4928 1589,
Wallsend - (02) 4955 8899,
Woolgoolga - (02) 6654 8291,