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Infants Aquatics Program

Infants Aquatics Program

The Swim Time Infant Aquatics Program we have three levels based on four identifiable developmental stages:

  1. Gross motor skills
  2. Age
  3. Ability
  4. Water confidence

These qualities allow us to place your baby into the class best suited for the development of your baby within an aquatic environment.  It is important to understand that each baby will progress at a different rate and we should always strive to allow this progression to occur naturally within the program. 

The Swim Time Infant Aquatics Program begins with:


Urchins - Learn to SwimBabies as young as four months old can begin their first Urchins class designed to increase water confidence and safety whilst developing elementary stabilisation muscles, kicking, and early staged body position within the aquatic environment. Elementary holds to stabilise and support baby are practised whilst developing the abovementioned aquatic skills. This environment will be a new and possibly fear filled environment during babies first encounter – we always recommend you bring your baby down at least once in the week prior to the first lesson to better familiarise yourself and your baby with our facility. Lots of songs and water play with both baby and the parent or carer.

Duration:30 minutes
Class size: 8 per class


JellyfishWater confidence, mobility, and water safety are emphasised within the Jellyfish program.  All previously taught skills are consolidated whilst introducing mobility and propulsion skills.
 Babies at this level have a keen interest to fully explore their aquatic environment – this should be encouraged but vigilance as always is required. Baby is learning auditory, physical, and visual cues when performing developmental skills. Kicking and body position plays an important roll within this level as does maintaining the parent / baby bond within a song filled and playful environment. For all of those parents that don’t know the songs, relax, our instructors know all of the words so all you have to do is join in and sing along.
Duration:30 minutes
Class size: 8 per class


Starfish - Learn to SwimThe most advanced level within our babies program, babies develop more advanced propulsion skills, front and back body positioning, floating, and elementary formatting in readiness for the swimming side of the learn to swim program. Babies are given more breaks away from the parent or carer, thus preparing your baby for the next naturally progressive step – learn to swim.

Duration:30 minutes
Class size: 8 per class

To enrol or enquire about our Infants Aquatics Program Time Program, contact your local Lane 4 Aquatics. Please note. Not all programs are available at all facilities.

Coffs Harbour - (02) 6652 1779,
Gladstone - (07) 4972 6822,
Lambton - (02) 4952 5522,
South Rockhampton - (07) 4922 1981,
Gracemere - (07) 4933 2662,
Middlemount - (07) 4985 7330,
Mount Morgan - (07) 4938 1500,
Proserpine - (07) 4945 5790,
Mayfield - (02) 4960 0066,
Mount Larcom - (07) 4975 1185,
Sawtell - (02) 6653 1950,
Stockton - (02) 4928 1589,
Wallsend - (02) 4955 8899,
Woolgoolga - (02) 6654 8291,