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Local Swimmers take on English Channel

Date: 1 September 2014

The English Channel- known as the Mt Everest of marathon swimming, two of our local open water swimmers, Christie Leet and Michael Hanisch are going to take on the swim of a lifetime, from Great Britain to France.

Australia holds two records for this daring swim, Cyril Baldock a 70 year old who has set the record for the oldest English Channel Swimmer and Trent Grimsey with the fastest time of 6.55hours in 2012.

Leet and Hanisch have been training together since November last year, doing 30km and 40kms a week including many a lap at our Lane 4 Aquatics Proserpine Pool to prepare for the 33.79km swim.

Both swimmers are confident in their training, claiming 'the mileage and distance going well' and confident they are ahead of where they intended to be this early in the season.

Training locally through the Northern Queensland winter will be no comparison to the cold temperatures that the pair will face, with water temperatures expected to drop as low as 13 degree Celsius.

Hanisch said with a mixture of a smile and a bit of fear in his tone "we'll be right for the distance, it's just about staying as warm as possible".

Lane 4 Aquatics would like to wish Leet and Hanisch the very best of luck in this extreme challenge.

Caption Trent Grimsey pictured with Lane 4 Aquatics staff in Rockhampton. Grimsey holds the world record time for swimming across the English Channel.
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