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Senior's Aqua Aerobics

Date: 7 April 2014

Senior Aqua Aerobics

Our Friendly Instructor Beryl holds senior aqua aerobics classes on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings between 8-9am. This one hour session is a perfect exercise for all ages and especially beneficial for seniors.

Because of waters natural buoyancy in supporting the body and resistance it reduces the likelihood of an injury or fall and being low impact on joints means that it lowers the risk of pulled muscles, strains and sprains.

Aqua aerobics is a wonderful social activity that encourages group fitness. By combining coordination and movement with resistance strength training, you’re gaining stamina and balance for daily activities and while having fun you’re burning up to 300-450 calories in the 1hr session. This light gentle circuit is ideal for general health and wellbeing, certain health ailments such as arthritis, back problems and just keeping in shape. It is also a great exercise for people undergoing physiotherapy or rehabilitating after and operation.

If you have had any surgery or an illness it is an idea to get the OK from your doctor before you start. A check-up is always recommended when starting any new exercise program.

In our tropical climate aqua aerobics is a fantastic exercise you can do in the water that will prevent you from overheating. On those cooler days our pool is heated to keep the temperature between 26-30 degrees for your comfort.

So grab your exercise buddy and come on down to the Lane 4 Proserpine pool to meet our helpful staff.  We will introduce you to Beryl and her friendly aqua aerobics class so you too can stay active while enjoying the company of new friends.

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