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2018 QLD State Masters Short Course Championships to be held Rockhampton.

Date: 21 June 2017

2018 QLD State Masters Short Course Championships 14th March - 17th March 2018.

Rockhampton Regional Council has recently completed a $20m redevelopment of the facility which was largely designed to host events such as the Queensland State Championships. The facility itself, is a perfect venue that wil host such a prestigious event on the Masters Swimming calendar as accommodation and travel is easily accessible.

As the host venue management company, Lane 4 Aquatics are delighted at the news of this event coming to Rockhampton. We have been lucky enough in the past to host the National Masters Short Course Swimming Championships with great success. Now the facility development has been finished, we are able to improve the service delivery even further and offer an extended service for the Masters event including, catering options, more access to warm up and warm down heated pools, marshalling areas, electronic timing and a number of additional aesthetic improvements.

As the host venue, we are throwing our support behind the Rocky Crocs. Our support will extend to not only providing a race ready facility, we will also be a major part of the marketing and promotion for the event, plus we will provide staff to assist with the successful execution of the event.

We believe the Rocky Crocs would not only host a fantastic event, with the support of Lane 4 Aquatics and the swimming community within Rockhampton, the 2018 Queensland Masters Championships will be one of the best events on the Masters calendar.

Caption 2018 QLD State Short Course Championships to be held Rockhampton.
Rockhampton Regional Council