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Fundraiser for Campbell

Date: 1 July 2014

It is planned to hold a fundraiser event at the South Rockhampton Memorial Swimming Pool on Friday 25th July and with support from Lane 4 Aquatics, Caribeae Swim Club, Frenchville Frogs Triathlon Club, Rockhampton Waterpolo Club and The Rockhampton Grammar School, there is sure to be a fun night and some good challenges ahead.

Where:  South Rockhampton Memorial Swimming Pool, Friday 25th July 2014

There will be two Age Groups:        

-Junior 13 yrs and under (Mixed)     

-Senior 14 yrs and over 

Campbell Miller-Waugh is recovering in Brisbane after a recent bike accident. However, it is expected that he will be in hospital for approximately six months and will need to undergo multiple operations. With this in mind, we are asking for your support to raise much needed funds in assisting him and his family at this time.

With all money raised going to the family, we ask that you please support this worthy cause, and join with us in helping the Miller-Waugh family through this very difficult period.

A $10.00 admission fee enters you into as many races as you choose, and unlimited pool inflatable obstacle courses access.                

The water temperature will be warm, and there will be plenty of competitive action in the water.

Nominations closes at 6:45pm for seeding with the first race at 7:00pm.

Gates open at 6.00pm for warm-up, inflatables and event nominations.   



Freestyle Skins Qualifier                      Junior 13 yrs and under        (Mixed)

50m heats to determine top 10 swimmers

IM Skins Qualifier                                Senior 14 yrs and over        (Mixed)

200m IM heats, to determine top 10 swimmers

Relay 4x50m Kick with board              Junior 13 yrs and under        (Mixed)         

                                                            Senior 14 yrs and over        (Mixed)         

Relay 4x50mFreestyle with fins          Junior 13 yrs and under        (Mixed)         

                                                             Senior 14 yrs and over        (Female)

                                                            Senior 14 yrs and over        (Male)

Skins Finals 50m Freestyle                 Junior 13 yrs and under        (Mixed)         

Skins Finals 50m IM (1 stoke)            Senior 14 yrs and over        (Female)

                                                            Senior 14 yrs and over        (Male)

(The stroke to be swum will be determined by drawing a ball from a bag prior to the start of each round. The stroke drawn will be announced as soon as it is drawn and again immediately following the whistle, prior to each round. The ball will be replaced in the hat after it is drawn.)

Relay 6x50m Freestyle                       6 swimmers                           (Mixed)

                                                            (Minimum 2 Junior required per team)  

1) Relay teams may consist of mixed boys and girls, mixed clubs and mixed schools.

2) Junior 13 yrs and under may compete in Senior 14 yrs and over under the discretion of the event referee for relay events only. 

3) Swimmers may compete with more than one relay team in separate heats per event.


Check out for more information:


Event flyer available at:             





Caption Campbell Miller-Waugh recovering in hospital in Brisbane, pictured here celebrating his sisters birthday with his family Veronica, Tim and Sidony.
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