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Fun at the Pool - (an ideal way to tackle childhood obesity)

Date: 3 December 2014

It is hard to believe but according to the experts more than 80% of Australian school children are not meeting the minimum physical activity guidelines. Some go as far as saying Australian children are ranking close to being the least active in the world. 

In a nation that credits itself for its sporting identity , the risk of more sedentary pursuits for kids &  too little activity is a worry for concern parents. Particularly for children who are already experiencing health concerns & becoming self consious.

Thankfully there are now major shifts in the community where more informal & soical activities are offered to children. At Lane 4 Aquatic Venues around Queensland and NSW,  vacation programs including inflatable and slide alternatives as well as the more traditional Learn to Swim & Swimming squads ar on offer. At Lane 4 Stockton, they encourage participation not competion in the Piranhas Squad. Teenage Girls or larger girls are encouraged to wear T-shirt or bike pants when swimming or what feels comfortable in the water.

"Children have too much fun to realise they are moving, becoming stronger and improving major muscle tone." says Venue Manager Kerre Burley. "We know swimming builds confidence and develops a host of skills, yet what's important to a child is they have fun and feel good."

All parents, teachers and educators need to help children recognise coming to the pool is fun, makes them feel good and is a perfect opportunity to spentd time with friends or even make new friends.  Devices and computor games can be left at home and families can enjoy some healthy active and fun times together at the local swimming pool.


Caption Lars and his mum Simone from Stockton enjoying just one of the new pool toys at Lane 4 Stockton.
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