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Got to Love Stockton

Date: 26 January 2015

Got to luv Stockton.

As a Lane 4 Lifeguard,  I count myself fortunate as it’s a great job, I get to work with nice people rotating between, Lane 4 Venues at Lambton, Wallsend & Stockton. But secretly Stockton is my favorite.

 There is just so much to love about Stockton, the Sandy Beaches, the famous sand dunes, the tourist park and the Stockton ferry yet nothing prepares you for the friendly locals, I see every time I am on duty at the Stockton Pool.  The lapper, the familes, the aqua ladies.  Your made to feel like one of just a great big family.

 It’s fun and laid-back atmosphere cannot be compared to any other venue in Newcastle.  As a passionate swimmer myself ,I love seeing the lappers , swimming their daily laps, there is no better way to stay fit and mums splashing around with the kids either in the water or at our playgrounds.

I love watching the kids getting exciting and their faces light up when ever I start to pump up the inflatable. The pool is quaint and so relaxing, its no wonder so many of the local families who I now consider as friends, coming in every day and enjoying the quality time with the family and facilities.

Recently we had a family reunion, with families coming from as far as Western Australia & it was just the perfect day for the event. It sort of feels nice showing off a little piece of history, the pools surprise people with its quaint and peaceful atmosphere. They enjoyed the cool seas breezes,  got excited about a few ships passing by and just enjoyed themselves whole heartedly. When the surf’s up you can actually be in the pool and still hear the waves on the beach and everybody loves the cannon going off up at Fort Scratchly.

I just love it, and it just re-inforces the great feeling I get whenever I am on duty at Stockton. There is no better place to enjoy this summer, but don’t take my word for it. Come down and say Hi and check it out for yourself.


Caption Sam at Lane 4 Stockton !
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