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Lane 4 Stockton Lapper's New

Date: 13 February 2015

Lappers news

A group of 25 swimmers record the number of laps they swim at Stockton pool each day during the swimming season.  As at the end of January they have swum between them a very credible 36,880 laps or a total of 1,844km. That would get us between Mackay and Townsville.   Well done guys!  The laps swum in January at 9,996 easily eclipsed the next best total of 8589 laps done in December.  This was despite some days when the pool was a bit on the warm side around 28 degrees.

Some of the lappers are at the pool at opening time at 6am, especially those that are working.  Then there is a group of retirees who choose a more civilized later start time but most laps are completed by 9am in the morning. 

Individual totals are headed again this year by Rosie Broadbent who already has over 100 swims in and often swims 50 laps.  Her total till the end of January was 4,690 laps.  She is closely followed by Greg Bates (4,344), Wayne Stewart (4,190) and Kim Field (4,071). Kim actually swam the most laps for January and may qualify for the wet sail award for an impressive finish to the season. 

A swab may be required on John Lancaster who was swimming his regular 5 laps a day but recently recorded he swam 50 laps on Jan 25.  In his defence he was swimming 20 laps for the few days beforehand.

The street competition looks like going to Dunbar St who have four swimmers. They have so far combined for over 9362 laps.  The group of Gary and Cathy van Vleit,  Wayne Stewart and Lee Crennan will be almost impossible to catch as the next best is Crown Street where sole representative Rosie Broadbent is doing the honours with her 4690 laps.  Some serious recruiting may be necessary next year to rectify the Dunbar street dominance or we may have to handicap by dividing by the houses in the street.

I was planning to put in a supreme effort and swim more than 50 laps in a day which, until recently, this was to best daily effort.  But Lee Crennan has slipped in a huge effort of 70 laps and I don’t think I want to put myself through that type of effort.  This is an incredible effort really when Lee who is no spring chicken only learnt to swim in the last couple of years.

From memory we have to swim about 58,000 laps to top the effort last year so we are well on track to doing this.

Caption Not only are they tough in the water but here are a few lappers braving the westerly's at the last get- together BBQ at the Stockton Pool.
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