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Stockton's Lappers Club going from Strength to Strength!

Date: 3 December 2014

When Lane 4 Aquatics took over the Stockton pool we were pleased to be able to ensure the traditon of the lappers club continued.

Each and every day, morning noon and night, we greet these friendly local swimmers who shine with vibrance and good health, consistantly detailing and noting their laps swum. From the amazing Roseine Broadbent on 2,590 laps down to Denis Nichols on 10, and all inbetween,  these swimmers are inspiring and show us clearly how to enjoy the benefits of regular exercise, swimming & strectching for personal goals.

Normally the lappers only meet at the end of the season to celebrate their personal victories but this year the lappers are coming together to celebrate Christmas at a Special BBQ at the Lane 4 Venue on the 11th December at 6.30pm. This will be the first time many of the lappers will officially meet each other. 

Lloyd Davies, the clubs lap master has provide us with the tally up untill the end of Nov.

Keith Craig 542, Greg Bates 2,300 , John Price 728 , Dave Burnett 1066, Gary Van Vliet 1298, Chris Grainger 548, Lloyd Davies 590, roseine Broadbent 2,590, Denis Nichols 10, John Lancaster 190, Wayne Stewart 2,420 Cathy Van Vliet 182, Bob Dein 436, Steve Stawski 650, Sally Bathgate 310, Babara Whitcher 620, Bernie Bernard 70, Janelle Thornton 20, Rick Thorton 88, Jan Burnett 249, Jerry Prietto 427, Kim Field 1960.  

We look forward to watching the results over the next few months. For further information on the Lappers, drop in anytime to Lane 4 - Stockton .


Caption Lloyd Davies has the arduous task of not only counting his own laps but as the lap master he is responsible for tallying up everybody else's as well.
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